Retail Store Operations and Inventory Management NMIMS

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Retail Store Operations and Inventory Management NMIMS

Solution for June 2020 of NMIMS

1. What capabilities are needed to be an effective multichannel retailer? If you are owner of a multichannel retail stores, would you offer the same assortment of products for sale, at the same price on its website and the physical store? Why or why not? Give examples.
2 Discuss strategy for market penetration, a retail format development, a market expansion and a diversification for growth that a large retailor like Tata Clique or Best Buy may use.
3. a. Explain the difference between push and pull supply chain? Analyze effect of efficient supply chain system on increase in retailor’s level of product availability and decrease in inventory investment.
b. While shopping, which brands you prefer, private labels over national brands and why? Evaluate from Retailors as well as customers perspectives use of manufacturer’s brands vs private label brands in retail operations of a large retail chain?

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