Retail Banking NMIMS Assignment Solution June 2019



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Retail Banking NMIMS Assignment Solution June 2019

Q1: Rural areas as still majorly an untapped market for various sectors. This is especially true for the Banking Sector What are the need /reasons for commercial banks to open branch operations in a rural area? Discuss the various retail banking products these banks can offer in a rural area, considering the lower level of financial literacy. (10 Marks)

Q2: The Banking sector has seen tremendous competition off late, with every major bank offering similar and all kinds of services. This makes it critical for them to make themselves visible and reach out to customers. What are the different Marketing modes and the different Distribution channels available for commercial banks to be able to reach customers and service them extensively? Discuss the Marketing mode and Distribution channels for a commercial bank if it has to open branch operations in a rural area. (10 Marks)

Q3. The Retail Banking environment has seen a tremendous change in the past few years. This is especially true in the case of Urban markets where the entry of private and foreign banks has given the Retail Banking customers any options to choose from. With reference to this dynamic changes in retail banking in the urban market discuss the aspects as given below
a. What are the recent trends seen in the Retail Banking scenario adopted by banks to provide better products as well as enhance their operations? (5 Marks)
b. Discuss the various possible ways in which retail banks improve their operational efficiency, provide better customer service and at the same time generate better revenues/profits. (5 Marks)

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