Research Methodology NMIMS Solved Assignments

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Research Methodology

NMIMS Solved Assignments June 2020

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1. Explain what is meant by independent variables and moderating variables. Identify any three independent variables and any three moderating variables from the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model as shown below. What is dependent variable? Identify the one from this model.

Research Methodology

2. Explain the types of scale that are used in the following survey questionnaire:
1. Gender (male/female)
2. Age (no. of years)
3. Annual income in Rs. Lac
4. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely will you recommend our services to your friends?
How will you measure the central tendency for gender and age?

3. “We must quickly work out how to reduce the cost of our production process. Without reducing the cost of production process by at least 20%, we can’t turn profitable. It’s an important and urgent exercise!” Mr Godbole, newly joined CEO of Acme Chemicals tried to emphasize the urgency and importance of the proposed exercise to his senior colleagues. “Yes, I will immediately form a task force consisting of internal subject matter experts and produce a report within a couple of weeks”, Mr Mehra, Head of Production quickly responded. “I have a differing thought,” interrupted Mr Iyer, Head of Sales. “We should invite an external consultancy firm for this work”. “Why? Why do we need external guys when we have the expertise internally?” Mr Mehra was clearly upset with the proposal of Mr Iyer.
a. What arguments will Mr Iyer will put forth? (5 Marks)
b. What arguments will Mr Mehra will put forth? (5 Marks)