Research Methodology And Statistics AU 2020


1. Which measure of central tendency is used for the following situations? Justify your answer.
a) Government wanted to decide the living standard of people based on monthly income in various taluks in a state and wanted to compare the taluks economic status. The family monthly incomes of various taluks were collected. Which central tendency measure will be appropriate and why?
b) The state government wanted to introduce two types of family card based on subsidy. The data were the same as the question (a). Lower the income the subsidy will be more and higher income group will have less subsidiary. In this situation which measures of central tendency is most suitable and give your reason.
c) The government has a plan to introduce health policies based on the family income. The policies are to be designed so that the family members will get health benefits and the nominal payment levels will be fixed based on their annual income of families. How will you go about it using averages and which one you prefer in this case? Also state the reasons.

a) Assume that you are planning to conduct market survey about green food products from the public using questionnaire as a tool for data collection. You are conducting pilot study to validate the tool and to perform data collection. You want to decide the same size and how will you decide? Explain.
b) For the same study, you want to know the satisfaction of the green food product consumers and when the population is known, how will you decide your sample size?
3. Give a situation to apply cluster analysis and explain the steps as well as the expected result according to you.
4. Assume that you carried out ANOVA using a statistical package. Please sketch the important outputs are to be discussed in this analysis. Give interpretation, for the whole result.

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