Quality Management AU 2020


MBA Assignment for AU Distance Learning

  1. The plan-do-check-act (PDCA) principles are another essential tool for implementing a TQM programme successfully in Indian organisations. Are you agreeing PDCA also referred to as the Deming Wheel, is the principles of continuous improvement?
  2. Cross functional management recognises that no organisational unit can by itself control every aspect of the business operations to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met.
  3. Quality policy is a broad guide to action. It is a statement of principles. A policy differs from a procedure which details how some activity shall be accomplished. Thus a quality policy might state that quality cost will be measured.
  4. To organise companywide QC circle symposiums of which the results of QC circle activities can be announced. Making presentation of QC circle activities is a valuable method of ensuring the QC circle summarizes the results of their activities.

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