Project Report on Performance Appraisal System in Credit Suisse


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Table of Content

  1. No. Chapters Particulars                                                                 Page No.

1                      –                       Acknowledgement                                                       3

2                      1                      Objectives of the Project                                              4

3                      2                      Scope of the Project                                                     5

4                      3                      Executive Summary                                                     6

5                      4                      Methodology                                                               8

6                      5                      Data Collection and Analysis                                       12

7                      6                      Finding                                                                        46

8                      7                      Conclusion                                                                  49

9                      8                      Recommendations                                                       50

10                    –                       Bibliography                                                                51

11                    –                       Appendices                                                                  52

Chapter 1: Objectives of the Project

  • To review the performance for team member over a given period of time.
  • To analysis the gap between the actual and the desired performance.
  • To help the management for organizational control.
  • Helps to relationship strength and communication between team member
  • To diagnose the strengths and weaknesses for team member.
  • To provide feedback to the team member regarding their past performance.
  • Provide information for help in the other personal decisions in the organization.
  • Provide clarity of the expectations and responsibilities for team member.
  • To judge the effectiveness of the other hr functions of the organization such as recruitment, selection, training and development.
  • To reduce the team member grievances.

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Dear Friend,

As you know, with Liberalisation and Globalisation our economy is opening up to severe competition both internally and externally. In its wake competitiveness assumes immense importance.

To become competitive, optimization of all resources particularly effective market strategies has become the key word. Productivity and Satisfaction of the employees and consumers has become one of the prime concerns of all managers so that the output can be maximized with least inputs.

As part of my ***PGDBM, I have chosen the project objective as “Performance Appraisal System in Credit Suisse” For this; I am interested in getting your valuable responses to the Questionnaire that follow.

All responses to the Questionnaire are to be utilized only for this project and also in an aggregated form. It is not necessary for you to reveal your identity should you desire. However, it is of utmost importance that your responses are frank, forthright and reflect your true opinion. Specifically, I seek your kind co-operation in adhering to the following points:

1. Please give your responses to all Questions / Statements and do not leave any of them blank.
2. Please tick mark () your response in only one of the columns against each Question / Statement.
3. There is no right or wrong responses to the Questions / Statements that follow in the Questionnaire. What is important is your own personal frank and forthright opinion on various aspects.

Yours sincerely,




Please tick mark () your response in one of the columns only.

Gender : ( ) Male Female ( )
Age group : ( ) 20 – 30
( ) 31 – 40
( ) 41 – 50
( ) 51 – 60
Experience : ( ) Less than 3 years
( ) 4-8 Years
( ) 9 – 15 Years
( ) More than 15 Years
Qualification : ________________

1. How many times dose performance appraisal takes place in your organization?
a) Once a year
b) Twice a year
c) No specific time

2. What is the reason for conducting performance appraisal in your organization?
a) To identify motivating methods
b) To decide monetary benefits
c) Identifying barriers of performance
d) All of the above

3. When is the performance appraisal conducted?
a) During working hours
b) During non-working hours

4. Who conducts performance appraisal?
a) Superior
b) Peers
c) Everyone
d) Outsider

5. Are you informed the reason for conducting performance appraisal programs?
a) Always
b) Sometimes
c) Never

6. How many meetings are scheduled in a year to discuss employee performance?
a) Nil
b) Once
c) Twice
d) Thrice

7. Does the performance appraisal programs relate to organizational goals?
a) To a high extent
b) To some extent
c) To a low extent

8. Are you involved along with the manager in designing the appraisal system at the organization?
a) Always
b) Sometimes
c) Never

9. Are the performance appraisal developed in relevance to employee job?
a) Highly relevant
b) Relevant
c) No idea
d) Irrelevant
e) Highly irrelevant

10. Do you share your opinion and suggestions freely to the managers during the appraisal program?
a) Mostly
b) Rarely
c) Never

11. Are you given training of how to fill up performance appraisal forms?
a) Yes
b) No

12. Is the appraiser aware of your job responsibilities and duties?
a) Completely aware
b) Aware to an extent
c) Not aware

13. Other than performance appraisal does your superior provide you with informal feedbacks for performance improvement?
a) Frequently
b) Occasionally
c) Never

14. Are the raters involved while appraising employees?
a) Highly involved
b) Less involved
c) Not involved

15. Do you feel that performance appraisal is important in an organization?
a) Highly important
b) Less important
c) Not important
b) No idea

16. Is performance appraisal properly executed in your organization?
a) Yes
b) No

17. Does top management support and encourage performance appraisal?
a) Highly supportive
b) Less supportive
c) Not supportive

18. Is the performance appraisal reviewed and updated now and then?
a) Frequently
b) Occasionally
c) Never

19. Does performance appraisal identify employee potential for advancement?
a) Highly effectively
b) Effectively
c) neutral
d) In effectively
e) Highly ineffectively

20. Sate your satisfaction through the performance appraisal program at the organization?
a) Unsatisfactory
b) Needs Improvement
c) Meets Expectations
d) Outstanding

21. Do you feel that performance appraisal encourages you to put in more effort in reaching your goals?
a) Strongly agree
b) Agree
c) Neutral
d) Disagree
e) Strongly disagree

22. Do you obtain appraisal feed back?
a) Frequently
b) Occasionally
c) Rarely
d) Never

23. Are both five & negative points discussed to the employees?
a) Yes
b) No

24. How do you feel when negative points are discussed?
a) Discouraged
b) Determined to perform better
c) Ready to learn
d) Do not want to contribute

25. Rate your appraisal program
a) Reliable
b) Effective
c) Accurate
d) Motivating
e) Unbiased

26. Do you feel comfortable in discussing your problems with your superior?
a) Highly Comfortable
b) Comfortable
c) neutral
d) Uncomfortable
e) Highly uncomfortable

27. On what criteria is employee performance rated?
a) Based on abilities and skills
b) Based on management reference
c) Based on superiority
d) Based on contribution

28. What changes have been taken in the organization as a result of performance appraisal?
a) Change in motivating strategy
b) Re-structuring of organization or individual objectives
c) Improvement in management-employee relationship
d) Making changes in dis-satisfied areas
e) No decision taken

29. In general, how effective has your organization performance appraisal system in improving overall performance
a) Highly ineffective
b) Ineffective
c) Moderate
d) Effective
e) Highly effective

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