Project Report on Organizational Rewards Satisfaction And Work Performance on Telecommunication Companies In Mogadishu-Somalia


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Table of Content for Project Report




ABSTRACT                                                                                                   Page 2

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                                             Page 5

Chapter 1        INTRODUCTION                                                                 Page 6

Chapter 2        LITERATURE REVIEW                                                      Page 12

Chapter 3        RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                          Page 22

Chapter 4        PRESENTATION OF DATA                                               Page 24

Chapter 5        ANALYSIS OF DATA                                                         Page 26


Chapter 7        CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS               Page 48

References                                                                                                      Page 50

Appendices                                                                                                     Page 56


List of Table

Table 1: Reliability Coefficients                                                                     Page 24

Table 2: Age of the respondents                                                                     Page 29

Table 3: Job group of the respondents                                                            Page 30

Table 4: Extent to which respondents are commitment to their company      Page 31

Table 5: Meaningfulness of the Job                                                                Page 35

Table 6: Reward System                                                                                 Page 36

Table 7: Job itself                                                                                            Page 38

Table 8: Supervision                                                                                        Page 39

Table 9: Co-workers                                                                                        Page 40

Table 10: Correlation Matrix                                                                           Page 41

Table 11: Results of multiple regressions between organizational

commitment and job satisfaction                                                                    Page 42

Table 12: ANOVA results of the regression analysis between

organization commitment and job satisfaction                                               Page 43

Table 13: Regression coefficients of the relationship between

job satisfaction and organization commitment variables                                Page 43

List of Figure


Figure 1: Gender of the respondents                                                              Page 26

Figure 2: Marital status of the respondents                                                    Page 27

Figure 3: Educational levels of respondents                                                   Page 28

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