Project on Positioning e-strategy to successfully develop an e-business


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Synopsis and Project on Positioning e-strategy to successfully develop an e-business. You can buy complete project report on others project topics. Search others topics on bottom link.

Statement of the Problem:

Today in this global rejuvenation, the use of technology and its ability to create an innovative solution to every activity done by all humanity is enormously escalating.  It is truly amazing that the advancement of our civilization has brought us a remarkable guideline to lessen any complexity that may encounter in our everyday living. ..contd.

Why is the particular topic chosen?

As a student, I would like to further deepen my knowledge about the operations and processes engage in a firm within a B2B market.  I am very interested to investigate all the aspects presented for this study, on how a firm struggles or competes to a wide range of diverse businesses online. ..contd.

What contribution would the project make and to whom?

This would focus deeply in providing effective strategic solution in positioning firms to successfully meet its right track.   In addition, I would also affirm different factors in identifying the do’s and don’ts when entering and implementing new actions regarding its product cost, services, transaction/operations and other areas that has a significant impact to one’s business…contd.

 Objective and scope of the study


The objective of the project is “to be able analyze and examine the causes of breakdown of business growth as well as propose an efficient strategic solution to sustain one’s position in the market.”


 The study will be confined to the business firm’s potential, B2B competition, special laws in B2B trade, security, pricing, productivity and services improvement, and consumer’s satisfaction.


Primary Data

For acquiring the primary data, I propose two research instruments i.e., Questionnaires and Structured Interview. ..contd.

  1. Questionnaire
  2. Sample Size : 25
  3. Sample Composition

Manufacturer                          : 8

Distributor                               : 7

Organization                           :10


  1. Structures/Interviews
  1. Sample Size : 10
  2. Sample Composition

Manufacturer                          : 3

Distributor                               : 3

Organization                           : 4

Secondary Data

I propose to get the secondary data from:

  1. Related topics researched and gathered from the internet
  2. Relevant experiences of some manufacturers or involve person in the B2B competition
  3. Sample organization that has been using an e-commerce application (which is the b2b) in making transactions online to buy and sell goods.

Chapter Scheme

The chapter scheme for this project report is planned to as under:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Objective and Scope

Chapter 3 – Theoretical Framework

Chapter 4 – Methodology

Chapter 5 – Data Collected

Chapter 6 – Data Analysis

Chapter 7 – Findings of the Study

Chapter 8 – Recommendations

Chapter 9 – Conclusion

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