Project on Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) Impact on Usability


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Statement of the Problem:

Designing usable GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) is a complex process and requires at least two things: knowledge of known GUI design principles and guidelines, and knowledge of structured methods for achieving usability.

Why is the particular topic chosen?

The purpose this project is to investigate whether a GUI standard increases a program’s usability or not. By presenting the subject of standards and usability to the target audience…contd.

 What contribution would the project make and to whom?

Software engineers develop user interfaces with little support and guidance from professional user interface designers. Therefore, software developed by professional programmers, who have little user interface design experience…contd.

Objective and scope of the study


  • Find out how a GUI impact on usability.
  • Present how to accomplish usable GUIs.


As a standard is a wide concept the scope of the project is delimited to the Microsoft Standard. We will focus on the GUI design guidelines for Windows based applications. …contd.


We present some scientific perspectives on which the researcher must focus when determined problem area. A method that allows the researcher to reach the objective of the study must be designed and explained….contd.

Chapter Scheme

The chapter scheme for this project report is planned to be as under:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Theoretical Perspective

Chapter 3 – Objective and Scope

Chapter 4 – Methodology

Chapter 5 – Data Collected

Chapter 6 – Data Analysis

Chapter 7 – Findings

Chapter 8 – Recommendations

Chapter 9 – Conclusion

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