Product and Services Marketing AU 2020 Assignments


MBA AU 2020 Assignments

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  1. Elaborately explain the various stages of new product development. Considering solar charger as a new product to be launched in a market, describe the process involved in developing this new product.
  2. Create a branding program for a FMCG product of your choice. Provide full description of the company’s brand hierarchy, brand portfolio, brand’s current marketplace and the way in which the firm is addressing branding through its marketing mix. Explain how you would characterize the positioning of your brand.
  3. Explain the traditional services marking mix and describe the expanded mix for services. Discuss the marketing mix as applicable to banking service sector.
  4. Assume a tourism service establishment wherein the customers can influence each other. Describe the potential cases of favorable and unfavorable customer influences. Also discuss the ways to improve customer satisfaction by handling the unfavorable situations

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