Personal Productivity Tools AU 2020


MBA BBA Solved Assignments 2020

  1. Prepare an Advertisement for launching a new product using Superscript, format the cells and make a macros and mail merge the final copy. Prepare a links for the highlighted products.
  2. Prepare an Excel Sheets purchase of new machineries to XYZ Company by using Various Mathematical Functions, Statistical functions, financial functions, and Text functions. Attach the copy of excel sheets for each functions.
  3. Discuss the procedure and advantages of creating Personal signature file message. Attach the image of this and discuss the steps followed in creating the personal signature file. Explain the role of ISDN and ISP in creation process. Attach the image for all the process.
  4. With the rise of social media, many small businesses have had to alter their operational strategies to adapt. Social media affects business of all sizes in several different ways. Because of social media, businesses must make their brands more personal, market their products differently and communicate with customers in new ways – Comment this statement with reasonable points.

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