Performance Management System-NMIMS Solved Assignments



NMIMS Solved Assignments

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Q1. Vipul has been with Dharma Industries since the past 10 years. Vipul has been handling a small team of 4 employees. As the company business is expanding Vipul’s team size has increased from 4 to 10 subordinates. Vipul has been investing time with each of his subordinates to guide them so that his overall team’s performance is excellent. The annual appraisal is due. Vipul has heard about ‘errors in performance appraisals’. He would like to be pro-active and avoid these errors. How will you propose to coach Vipul in handling the appraisal of a bigger team and overcoming errors in performance appraisals? (10 marks)


Q2. Rohan is the Vice President at Akash Manufacturing Ltd. He heads both Operations and Marketing. His immediate subordinates Vihaan and Rohit head Operations and Marketing respectively. They are constantly at logger heads and keep having conflicts. Rohan has now decided that he needs to have a performance-related coaching conversation with both Vihaan and Rohit. What steps should Rohan take to ensure that the coaching conversation is meaningful and achieves a successful outcome. (10 marks)


Q3. Akansha Industries is in the small scale technology business focusing primary on providing solutions to small and medium industries. The company functioned as a family run business and did not have an HR department. The company has now recruited an HR Manager and is in process of implementing a Performance Management Process.

  1. What are the challenges that in implementing the Performance Management process at Akansha Industries ? (5 marks)
  2. What proactive steps should the HR Manager take to overcome pitfalls in the Performance Management Process ? (5 marks)