Performance Management System NMIMS June 19



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Q1: Aarti is the Team Leader at Neel Industries which specializes in plastic products. Aarti has 8 team members. Recently 3 of her team members resigned at the same time and during the exit interview process each of her team members complained to Ashish (General Manager) about Aarti’s style of management. Aarti has been described by them as autocratic who dictates instructions and does not listen to her team members. They also described her as rude in her behavior. Ashish has called Aarti for a counselling session.
Assume you are Ashish, explain how you would conduct the counselling session and ensure a successful interaction.

Q2: Correct the following goals by converting them to SMART goals:
To be a high profit company
High Sales in northern and southern region
Take care of employee attrition
Make customers happy
Take care of sales inventory in the plastic bottles section

Q3: Disha enterprises is a 5-year-old company that sells toys and stationary products. The company has a turnover of Rs 200 crores and profitability of Rs 25 crores. The company is ranked 5th in India as per the All India Retail Magazine. There are 500 employees located across 4 regions in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata). The company has a vision to be a leader in toys and stationery and also has aspirations to expand outside India, primarily in South East Asia. The customer satisfaction index of the company is 63%. The company has just introduced the Balanced Scorecard.
As per the Balanced Score Card prepare one goal each on:
a. Financials and Customer perspective
b. Business Process and Learning & Growth Perspective

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