Performance Management System NMIMS 2020

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Performance Management System

PMS June 2020 Solution for NMIMS

Q1. Rakesh Kumar is working at Jayesh Industries as Manager in the Operations Department. Akshay Shroff works in Rakesh’s team as ‘’Executive – Operations’’. Akshay joined the company since 2 years. Though he works hard, he is not effective in meeting project timelines and often has errors in his work.

It is appraisal time and Rakesh has to give performance feedback to Akshay. He does not want to demotivate Akshay yet he needs to give him the negative feedback. How should Rakesh handle the process of negative feedback.


Q2. Aarti Desai has joined as an HR Manager at Highmart which is a food chain across cities in India. Aarti has interacted with young employees across the company and all of them have expressed the need for the company to launch a Mentoring Program. The company has high attrition and new recruits could benefit from such a program. How should Aarti go about the process of introducing the Mentoring Program. Do also give an interesting brand name to the Mentoring program.


Q3. Sidharth is the HR Manager at NewZone which is a furniture company. The company has 2000 employees and is growing rapidly. Sidharth would like to introduce the 360-degree feedback process.

  1. Design a 360 degree form (5 Marks)
  2. What are the pitfalls in 360-degree feedback that Sidharth should take care to avoid? (5 Marks)

NMIMS June 2020

Q1. Ahuja Industries is an online furniture company which commenced operations in 2018. The company is now planning to introduce Performance Appraisals for all employees. Design a Performance Appraisal form using the Graphic Rating Scale.

Q2. Rahul Dixit is working with Dhanraj Enterprises as Manager since the past 2 years. Rahul reports to Bala Raghavan. Rahul has been having constant conflicts with his boss Bala. Rahul has also escalated this to HR. Rahul’s performance appraisal is due and he has requested the HR Manager to also be a part of the performance feedback discussions as he is unsure if Bala will evaluate his performance in a fair manner. How do you think Bala should handle the appraisal discussions?

Q3. You have joined Adivesh Solar Enterprises as Manager – HR. Your role is to guide employees in Goal writing. Using the concept of SMART Goals, provide illustrations of SMART goals:
a. 2 goals for Customer Service Executive
b. 2 goals for Sales Executive