Organizational Theory Structure and Design NMIMS Apr 19




Organizational Theory Structure and Design NMIMS Apr 19


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Q1. As the HR head of a Start-up Go-Tech, you have been asked to create an Organizational Structure. Which factors would you consider while developing the structure. Explain the elements to be considered while finalizing the structure.
2. Royal Paints has been going through a tough business cycle. Competition is intense and market conditions unpredictable. Top management requires to do a detailed external environment analysis for effective planning. Suggest some techniques that can be considered for this exercise.
3. Rita and Rohan both work for a software development company. Rita, a project team member, along with her boss had interviewed Rohan, but strongly opposed hiring him for the project because she thought he was not competent to do the job. Seven months after Rohan was hired, the manager left and recommended that Rohan and Rita serve as joint project leaders. Rita agreed reluctantly. Within a month Rita was angry because Rohan was representing himself to others as the leader of the entire project and giving the impression that Rita was working for him. Rita said: ” Rohan called a meeting of the project team without even consulting me about the time or content. At the meeting, Rohan reviewed everyone’s duties line by line, including mine, treating me as just another team member working for him. Rohan retorted, “Rita is all hung up with feelings of power and titles. She is too sensitive about everything. I call a meeting and right away she thinks I’m trying to run everything. Rita has other things to do, other projects to run, so she doesn’t pay too much attention to this one. She mostly let things slide. But when I take the initiative to set up a meeting, she starts jumping up and down about how I am trying to make her work for me.”
Rohan and Rita seem to have several conflicts occurring simultaneously. Keeping the conflict process model in mind,
a. Explain the nature of conflict.
b. How will the conflict get resolved?

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