Organisational Theory Structure and Design

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Organisational Theory Structure and Design Dec 2020


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1. ‘Groceries Unlimited’ has hired you as an HR Consultant to help them improve their organizational performance. Which internal organizational aspects would you consider that should be aligned with each other for maximum success? Explain the 7S framework in the context of this start-up company. Conclude by giving your opinion on how it will impact performance.
2. Mario always wanted to establish his own retail company. He had all the financial and physical resources required to begin but he was not aware of the key fundamental elements of an organization. Why do you think these are important? As an HR specialist, help him with this task by designing the main organizational elements. Also, align these with his retail business.
3. As project leaders, while Julia believes in enhancing each team member’s effectiveness, George believes in focusing on enhancing the overall organizational effectiveness. This difference of opinion always confuses their team members. Now, the senior management has realized that it is high time to get the issue sorted. So, the HR Manager, John Cooper has been assigned the task to devise a standardized and holistic process of measuring organizational effectiveness. Along with this, the management has also asked him to come up with a contemporary effectiveness approach that will replace the traditional approaches. Keeping the above scenario in mind,
a. Explain how John Cooper will devise a holistic process of measuring organizational effectiveness. (5 Marks)
b. Explain which, one, contemporary approach will John choose and why? (5 Marks)

Answers June 2020

1. Surya Enterprises is in the business of setting up Solar Power plants, which converts energy from the sun into electricity using Solar Panels. This is a young company that has been in existence for 4 years and has a seen rapid growth from being a 25 people start-up to a 1000 people strong company. The company’s founders have laid a special emphasis on sustainable and ethical business practices, (including abiding by labour laws) and due to this, as well as being in green energy space, the company is well regarded by everyone in the industry. However, this sector is highly cost sensitive and the company faces stiff competition from other local vendors who operate on lesser margins by adopting less ethical practices. Another factor affecting margins, is that 70% of the cost of the project is the cost of the Solar Panel itself. These panels are imported from China and thus the profitability is closely linked to the cost at which the panels are procured. With the Indian government coming down heavily against dumping by Chinese companies, as well as a surge in demand for panels in China, the cost of solar panels has increased. The government is encouraging the spread of solar energy based plants through special schemes to encourage the generation of clean energy. However, new plants that are coming up, the system of allocation is through open bidding and goes to the lowest tariff offered, and the tariff has been going down steeply. This has further impacted the profitability of these ventures. On the positive side, technology is changing rapidly and discovery of cheaper and better materials is making the panels smaller and cheaper.

Given the above scenario, the company is now planning to evaluate whether the business is sustainable or not. Surya enterprises has hired you to do an organisational analysis using the PESTLE method

Q. Define the elements of PESTLE and using the information given in the case above, wherever possible list out the various aspects of the PESTLE relevant to the case.

2. Pradeep Foods was started by Pradeep Panigrahi, to provide wholesome and reasonably priced food options to young professionals working in business parks. The primary goal of Pradeep Foods was to deliver piping hot food, prepared with minimal quantities of oil and spices, using only fresh seasonal produce. The company started its operations in Mumbai and very quickly moved to all the major cities in India. Initially, when each branch was being set up, Pradeep would stay there for 2-3 months to start the office and train the teams. He would personally supervise the menu, and based on customer feedback tweak the menu to satisfy his customers. The food services were well appreciated and their customer base grew at an exponential rate. Pradeep bumped into you in a conference and shared his concern that his organisation is becoming too big to manage. He is has heard of a functional structure and a divisional style structure and asks you to recommend which structure is better in his case.

Q. Detail out what a divisional structure and functional structure are, listing out benefits and disadvantages of each as per the case given above. (10 Marks)

3. Kapoor & Co is a family run business, which has been in existence for many years. The MD, Mr. Kapoor, knew each and every employee in his company and ran the company like his extended family. He was personally involved in every performance and increment discussion and would take the final decision for each employee. The employees were quite happy in this set-up. After a few decades, Mr. Kapoor decided to retire from the company and put in place a professional management team to run the company. The new management team has been hired from other companies and has been given a free hand to run the company. The first step they took was to put in place a structured performance appraisal process, to assess and evaluate the employees. The employees became very agitated at the introduction of the new process and the feedback reached Mr. Kapoor.

You are the CEO of this company and Mr. Kapoor wants to meet you to understand what is happening. You see that this is a classic case of the company following Greiner’s Life Cycle model.

a. Describe the 5 stages of Greiner’s Life Cycle model giving the context from the case (5 Marks)
b. Describe the need for change management as well as the approach you intend to follow using Lewins 3 step model (5 Marks)

Previous Assignment April 2020

  1. SmallSoft Ltd is a technology giant which over the years had built a huge organization, servicing customers globally. Started by a visionary founder, the organization’s products had almost a monopolistic control over the markets they operated in. However, the last decade saw them being taken over by smaller, more agile organizations. The Board realized that the current way of working would not help them retain their growth or their profitability and hence they decided to go in for a changed strategy. A new CEO was brought in, who quickly realized that the organization was stuck in the past ways of doing business and that its vision and mission were now redundant in the current technology scenario. Also, the teams were working in silos and the company structure needed to be integrated. The CEO called you, the Head-HR to discuss this. She has asked your help as the Head HR help transform the company and drive this change. You recommend that the company follow Kotter’s 8-step model to drive this change. Detail out the steps to be followed for Change Management as per Kotter’s 8-step model, adding on any specific points mentioned in the case.
  2. Jahazi Company is a company that is into operating boats for leisure cruises in Kerala. The owner of this company, Mr. Nair, now wants to move into International waters by setting up a base in Singapore, to provide these services in South East Asia. Your firm has been tasked with doing an External Analysis prior to the move. Detail out the techniques you would follow for doing an External Analysis using PESTLE method for this company.
  3. Funky TV is a music television channel that is very popular amongst youngsters. It is considered a fun channel and has a great brand recall value, but due to high content costs and other expenses, it is not very profitable. The channel is successful because of the new formats and interesting ideas it keeps introducing regularly on air. The employees are mostly in the age group of 22-30. There are a few other employees from older age groups as well. The company prides itself on being a Crazy and Cool workplace. Each employee at the time of joining is given decorating material and lots of colorful paper to help them decorate their workplace. This is an open office layout. All employees including the senior management sit in the same area and there are small meeting rooms for people who wish to have a quiet conversation.

Every evening at 6 pm, one employee is randomly selected by draw of lots and gets to choose a playlist to play on the public address system. There is no dress code and employees are inspired to discover their individual style. The employees are encouraged to speak their mind, share their ideas and disagreements are considered healthy. Managers avoid taking unilateral decisions and prefer to have a consensus-based approach. The culture is also such that it attracts talented people from across all walks of life. The current channel programming in charge was a professor of physics before he joined the channel. Though the company faces stiff competition in the music television space and is not the best paymaster, it still has low levels of attrition.

a. Describe the basic features of Schein’s model of culture and classify the elements of culture mentioned in the case into Schein’s framework (5 Marks)
b. What is the Function of culture? Give example from the case to show the function of culture for the employees of Funky TV. (5 Marks)