Organisational Theory and Design Apr 18


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Q1. Areva is a big invertor and transformer manufacturer with more than 1200 employees .The Company is facing a big challenge of organizational effectiveness mainly due to fast changing market. The company appointed you as a consultant to overcome these challenges, the company is ready to do modifications without losing its existing employees. Provide an appropriate solution to the company (10 Marks)


Q2. Ms Nandita an MBA graduate from Stanford University joins her father’s company after coming back to India. It is a small organization which depends on Ms Mohan Kapoor’s (Nandita’s Father and Owner) and his team having three very senior people who joined the organization since inception. Now Nandita is having big expansion plan for the company but what she is missing in executing her expansion plan is culture. Explain why culture is very important, and what are the factors required for the formation of organizational culture. (10 Marks)


Q3. Mr. Nandan, a Sr. Manager in an IT company at Bangalore, is very clear that he wants only males, that too from Bangalore and nearby places, in his team. He said that we generally have to work late nights; hence managing female staff for late night work is difficult and people from Bangalore have better communication skills. But slowly he observed that his team is losing creativity, motivation and design thinking. Same gender in the same vicinity has a very limited scope of thinking out of the box. You are also a Sr. Manager in the same company with a diverse team having more fun and doing great on employee engagement and the team is performing extraordinarily. Your Boss wants you to convince Mr Nandan to go in for a diverse team.

Answer the following:

a) Identify various barriers in creating diverse workforce. ? (5 Marks)

b) Give points how you will convince Mr Nandan in favour of Diversity (5 Marks)