Organisational Behaviour NMIMS Solution Jan19



Organisational Behaviour NMIMS Solution Jan19

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Q1. The manager must praise an employee in public and censure in private. Discuss this statement with the help of Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory.

2. The Trait theory of leadership asserts that leaders are born not made. According to these theories leaders have common personal or behavioural characteristics accounting for leadership effectiveness. Do you agree with the same? Support your answer with proper justification for the same. Conclude by expressing which theory explains leadership the best.

3. Karan is an HR Manager and his team comprises of 6 members excluding him. Everyone in his team has extremely congenial relations to the extent that during brainstorming session they blatantly support each other. Though it is a sign of a close knit team but Karan feels that this kind of extreme harmony is killing the creativity of the team. Karan wants some kind of spur in the team’s creativity. Karan is in a dilemma.

a. Suggest any two methods of stimulating functional conflict in Karan’s team.

b. In case the conflict becomes dysfunctional, also suggest two methods through which Karan can manage the same (dysfunctional conflict).

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