Organisation Culture Solution for NMIMS June19



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1. Discuss briefly the culture of four different organisations based on the four quadrants (Incubator, Guided Missile, Family, and Eiffel Tower) of Trompenaars’ Model of Organisational Culture.
2. Ajay joined a start-up in the food business where he noticed that despite an amazing business model the company is not able to real good profits. He did a root cause analysis and found that the relationship with external stakeholders is not maintained and is grim. What steps shall Ajay follow in order to maintain a strong relationship with external stakeholders?
3. Jal Pvt Ltd. is an Indian organisation which is acquiring H2O a Finland based company. Rajat is the CEO of Jal and is very much worried as in his previous organisation he has seen M&A failing because the organisations were from two different cultures.
a. Is Rajat’s apprehension right? What should be Rajat’s role in a smooth amalgamation of two cultures?
b. Provide any other example where the M&A failed because of cultural incompatibility. Conclude by emphasizing the importance of culture in such a change.

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