Organisation Culture NMIMS Solutions Apr 19




Q1. With the help of a Google’s (as a company) example explain how it foster’s innovative culture. (10 Marks)

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Q2. Explain Power Culture & Task Culture with the help of industry example in each case. (10 Marks)
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Q3. Harshad after completing MBA joined his father’s family business which over the years has grown well. Within the first month itself Harshad noticed it quite well that the organisation had a very weak culture. No one was aware about the organisation’s vision, objectives etc. Employees were not disciplined as far as the work timings were concerned. To top it all the Senior Management was not involved with the employees. Harshad understood that cultural change is the priority in the organisation. In this context explain
a. How important is Harshad’s role as leader in changing organisational culture? (5 Marks)
b. How can Harshad explain the attributes of cultural change to his top management? (5 Marks)

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