Organisation Culture NMIMS 2020 June

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Organisation Culture

NMIMS Solved Assignment for OC (June 2020)

Q1. As a Leader of Global Services ltd, Sanjana aspires to create a strong organizational culture. How can she contribute to culture building of the company? What specific steps can she take to create a learning culture at global services?

Q2. The revenues at B R logistics have been dwindling off late. Clients have been complaining of laxities on the part of the employees. The top management recognizes the need to bring about a profound culture change to bring in agility and customer centricity in the company. They want the HR to equip themselves with the right strategy to meet these needs. Why do companies experience a need for cultural change? What process of Organizational culture change will HR follow at B R Logistics?

Q3a. Alex has been chosen to set up the India business for Glenmorgan ltd, a US based Financial service company. Alex needs to keep in mind the cross-cultural factors that can impact the employee management practices in India. Keeping the Hofstede’s Cross-cultural model in mind, which are the factors that Alex will have to be aware of?

Q3b. Start Cruiser, is a dynamic tourism company, aspiring in making their mark in Space tourism. They want a culture that upholds innovation. What are the ways in which they can create an innovative culture?


NMIMS April 2020

  1. Compare and evaluate the culture of any two countries of your choice as per the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions
  2. Kakoli has joined a multi-national company as a management trainee. She is expected to learn the culture of this organisation and adapt to it. The culture of any organisation is transmitted in a number of forms, based on it discuss what could be the different ways through which Kakoli can learn the culture?
  3. Aryaman has joined as VP HR in an automobile firm and he observes that the organisation is working on a very old school of thought and is not taking any risk hence has become stagnant. He knows that if the organisation does not change it will lose its sheen and become obsolete. As HR personnel he feels that the organisation is in dire need to have an innovative culture.
    a. Discuss the ways in which an innovative culture can be created
    b. What could be Aryaman’s and his peers’ role in creating innovative culture