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Assignment Solution for NMIMS June 2019

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Management Theory and Practice NMIMS Solution 2019

M/s Chai ki pyaali is a new startup serving hot tea to customers. The company has 30 different varieties of tea and it also sells food items that adds more revenue to the overall profit. The company has a unique cup design and the store layout and design is vintage. The company has opened 50 stores across India and has a plan to open 100 more stores in another two years. The expansion plan is in place and the execution needs to be monitored. The Chai ki pyaali head office is in Mumbai.

Mr. Shravan is the person who started the tapri (small road side sales booth) business and is now the owner of Chai ki pyaali chain. All the employees are very happy with Shravan and his managing skills. Before taking any decision he consults all his managers. He shares his ideas with them and also loves to hear their ideas too. He is always keen on learning new modern management principles and practices.

Mr. Shravan hires you as a Business Manager so that the modern day management practices can be implemented properly.

1. How will you implement 5S in Chai ki Pyaali stores across India which will improve the overall efficiency of the organisation?

2. Explain various social responsibilities that this business will have towards interest groups?

3. Based on the case given:

a. Identify any five Henry Fayol principles that can be implemented in the Chai ki Pyaali business.

b. Explain any three types of leadership styles and identify the leadership style adopted by Mr. Shravan.

Organizational Behavior NMIMS Solution 2019

1. The manager must praise an employee in public and censure in private. Discuss this statement with the help of Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory.

2. The Trait theory of leadership asserts that leaders are born not made. According to these theories leaders have common personal or behavioural characteristics accounting for leadership effectiveness. Do you agree with the same? Support your answer with proper justification for the same. Conclude by expressing which theory explains leadership the best.

3. Karan is an HR Manager and his team comprises of 6 members excluding him. Everyone in his team has extremely congenial relations to the extent that during brainstorming session they blatantly support each other. Though it is a sign of a close knit team but Karan feels that this kind of extreme harmony is killing the creativity of the team. Karan wants some kind of spur in the team’s creativity. Karan is in a dilemma.

a. Suggest any two methods of stimulating functional conflict in Karan’s team.

b. In case the conflict becomes dysfunctional, also suggest two methods through which Karan can manage the same (dysfunctional conflict).

Business Economics NMIMS Solution 2019

1. “In the monopolistic competition, a few firms sell differentiated products” Explain this statement by highlighting important features of this kind of a market. Substantiate your answer by a live example. Also explain how the equilibrium in this kind of a market is different from a long run equilibrium under perfect competition.

2. Complete the hypothetical table below and explain in brief, the behaviour of each type of cost. (10 Marks)



fixed cost


variable cost




fixed cost


variable cost


 total cost



0 0     
1 25     
2 40     
3 50     
4 60     
6 110     
7 150     
8 300     
9 500     
10 900     

3. a) What are the practical uses of the concept of price elasticity of demand for different stakeholders in the production process?
b) Distinguish between the shift and movement in the demand curve. Explain any five factors which would bring about a shift in the demand curve for Maggie noodles.

Corporate Social Responsibility NMIMS Solution 2019

1. Choose any ONE listed company from NSE top 500 and go through its CSR Report (found in annual report under Board Report) for TWO years, 2016-17 and 2017-18, and answer the following; Select all projects/initiatives reported by the company that fall under Swachh Bharat Campaign and National Skill Development Mission for the 2 financial years. Collate and analyse the investment made by the company, the outcome and impact on the beneficiaries over these two years providing quantitative data to support the positive impacts reported. You can also include data/ information about these projects/initiatives from the company’s website and sustainability report if available.

2. Choose any ONE listed company from NSE top 500 (different company from a different sector than that selected for Q1 above). Go through its Business Responsibility Report 2017-18, Section E that has reporting/disclosures on “Principle 6: Business should respect, protect, and make efforts to restore the environment”. Identify and list the focus areas chosen by the company and the initiatives under these focus areas. Collate and present both the qualitative and quantitative information on all the identified initiatives under principle 6 to showcase their outcomes and their impacts. You will need to visit the company website, Annexure E (Energy Conservation) under Board Report as well as its sustainability report, if available. Conclude the answer by providing your analysis of the disclosed data.

3. With the introduction of the Companies Act 2012, spending 2% of net profit on CSR has become conditionally applicable to listed and non listed companies as per the provision laid out under section 135. The company can deploy the CSR projects themselves or through an implementing agency that fulfills all mandatory requirements laid down.

a. As the new Lead, CSR Management Committee, explain what according to you are the five critical challenges/ key factors that will influence and/or enhance working with an implementing agency/ngo that you will have to address for achieving your project objectives.

b. Suggest viable and practical solutions to any two of these challenges that you will present to your CSR Team.

Information Systems for Managers NMIMS Solution 2019

1. Today companies are using various touch-points to interact with their customers constantly. These customers are responsible for spreading electronic word-of mouth thereby influencing others. You’re the owner of Snackathon, a subscription service that delivers snacks to homes and offices. Snackathon partners with grocers and other businesses and also sells directly to consumers. As an organization that has traditionally been dealing with customer’s offline, you realize the need to move online and dive deeper into analytics that help you understand why your customers left, if they’re thinking about leaving, and how you can work to keep them on board. What are the pros and cons of using analytics to engage with customers effectively? Justify your standpoint.

2. 10 Street Café is a chain you have started from scratch a few years ago. After breaking even, recently your cafés are gaining popularity and you are expanding your business. The growth is rapid and your staff seems unprepared for the increase in volume of customers and managing the interactions smoothly. On hiring a consultant to help you improve your customer experience, he recommends to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. As a consultant, how would you point out the benefits of CRM system to the client and highlight points to ponder before and during the implementation of such a system?

3. Technology at the dining table (apps like Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato) is gaining firmer ground in India. Placing orders for food online is popular, especially among millennials, leading food delivery platforms to embrace analytics in a big way to better read fast-changing consumer behavior, minimize errors and enhance customer experiences. The primary reasons for this growing popularity can be attributed to the rise in the number of digital natives, improved internet connectivity, competitive pricing, quick delivery, variety of restaurants on-board, simple user interface and availability across different platforms.

a. How do you think these companies use analytics to give customers a great experience, unlock business growth and drive operational efficiency?

b. Define Social Media and explain how these companies use Social Media to increase their business? Is it a wise choice to use social media to connect with customers??

Business Communication NMIMS Solution 2019

1. Slipkart.com has put up billboards across the main, arterial roads of Mumbai. The billboards advertise the Mega Independence Day Sale coming up. They hope their billboards can grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians on these busy roads. List the 8-steps in the Basic Communication Model and apply the model to Slipkart.com’s billboard ad.

2. You are the customer service manager for OmYoga.com, an online store selling Yoga apparel. A customer has written an angry email complaining that the Yoga leggings she purchased a month ago have shrunk and the colour has faded. She mentioned that she machine-washed her leggings and dried them in a drier. Your website clearly mentions that the leggings can only be hand-washed and should not be put in the drier. She is asking for a replacement or a complete refund of Rs. 3000. How would you respond to this complaint? Draft an email.

3. Digital communication technologies are changing the face of business communication. Explain:

a. Engaging content for Social Media

b. Pros and cons of Instant Messaging


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