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1. Briefly describe and discuss different contemporary approaches to job design and the major difficulties faced to implement job design.
2. Explain the objectives and purpose of organizational analysis. Discuss and describe any two methods of organizations analysis and their merits and demerits.
3. What is Organisation Development? Briefly discuss the stages of organisation development and the factors contributing to the success of organisational development with examples.
4. Briefly discuss the roles of a change agent and the competencies and skills required for a change agent in order to be effective.
5. Explain the meaning and purpose of an organisation design. Describe and discuss in detail the factors affecting organisation design.

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1. Briefly explain the difference between organizational effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Describe the factors which affect an organizational design.
2. Discuss and describe emerging trends in work organisation and how it helps in work life balance.
3. Briefly discuss the purpose of organizational anlaysis. Describe the elements that to be reviewed while analyzing an organisation.
4. Discuss and describe different stages of organizational development.
5. Describe the role of a change agent and the competencies required to be a successful change agent.

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IGNOU MS10 Assignment Question

Q1. a) Briefly describe the factors which are essential for designing an organization.
b) Briefly explain the difference between effectiveness and efficiency with reference to an
organisation, giving examples.

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Q2. Describe different approaches to organizing and analyzing work and their relevance in the present day context.
Q3. Explain the concept and purpose of organizational diagnosis and discuss and describe the elements that need to be reviewed for analyzing an organisation.
Q4. Discuss and describe any two methods of organizations diagnosis and their merits and demerits.
Q5. Explain the role of an OD intervention. Briefly discuss and describe T-Group training as an OD intervention with an example.

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1. Describe and discuss T-Group Training and Team Building as interventions to
organisation development, giving examples. Briefly discuss their merits and demerits.
2. Describe the importance of organization diagnosis. Discuss and describe organisational
analysis perspectives and their relevance in the present day context.
3. Explain the evolutionary process of organizational design and describe Mintzberg’s
typology as to how it provides linkage between organisational business strategy and
organisational design and its relevance in the present day organisations.
4. Briefly discuss the role of Change Agent and describe the competencies required for a
Change Agent to be effective and successful.
5. Describe and discuss Quality of Work-life and its importance, giving examples.

  1. Briefly discuss the role of assessment centres and various forms of assessment. Explain the benefits of having an assessment centre in an organization, citing examples.
  2. Describe and discuss different perspectives of organizational analysis and how they could help in the improvement for development of organizations. Give examples.
  3. Discuss and describe the steps in designing and conducting organizational surveys. Briefly discuss questionnaire as a diagnostic tool.
  4. Briefly discuss and describe the nature and rationale of Organisational Development (OD) intervention. Discuss any two interventions and their merits and demerits citing examples.
  5. Describe different roles of change agents and explain the competencies and skills required for a change agent.
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