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IGNOU Solved Assignments 2019

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1. “The field of statistics provides the methods for collecting, presenting and meaningfully interpreting the given data”. What are these methods? Explain them.
2. You are supplied the following data about height of boys and girls studying in a college.

You are required to find out:
(a) In which sex, boys or girls, is there greater variability in individual heights.
(b) Common average height in boys and girls.
3. In an aptitude test administered to 900 college students, the mean is 50 and the standard deviation is 20. Find:-
(a) The number of students securing between 30 and 70.
(b) The number of students exceeding the score of 65.
(c) The value of the score exceeding by the top 90 students.
4. Strength tests carried out on samples of two yarns spun to the same count gave the following results:-
The strength are expressed in pounds. Does the difference in mean strengths indicate a real difference in the mean strengths of the yarns? Apply appropriate test and comment.
5. Write short notes on any three of the following:-
(a) Type I and Type II error
(b) Primary Data vs Secondary Data
(c) Correlation Coefficient
(d) Probability Sampling Methods
(e) Guidelines for choosing the classes.

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