MS07 Latest ignou answer 2020

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MS07 Latest ignou answer 2020 July Dec


1. “The technology plays an important role in delivering timely and error free information to its recipients” Explain the meaning of information technology and discuss types of information system in brief.
2. “Information system are used in all functional areas and operating divisions of business”. Comment on the statement. Also explain the framework for understanding management information system (MIS).
3. “In Human Resource Management, the Personnel Manager has the responsibility of executing multifarious activities pertaining to recruitment, training of the employees etc”. Explain the various subsystems of Human Resource Management in the light of the statement.
4. “The emergence of a global economy has stimulated worldwide interest in achieving quality”. Explain how quality can be ensured with information system.
5. “Metadata in a data warehouse is similar to the data dictionary in the context of a database” Comment and explain various types of metadata in brief.

MS07 Jan 2020 Solution

  1. Discuss the concept of information system. Also, explain the various types of information systems.
  2. Explain the following statement, “there is a two way relationship between organization and information systems.”
  3. “Development of an information system requires adequate planning.” Describe a strategic planning process for system development.
  4. “Information systems can fill a special role in corporate quality programs.” Explain how information systems contribute to Total Quality management?
  5. Why is metadata an important component of a data warehouse? What is a metadata repository and how is it used by the query manger component of a data warehouse?