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1. “Communication is the transmission of a signal by a way of particular medium from a sender to a receiver.” In the light of statement explain the pathway/ mediums through which communication takes place.
2. What is a computer virus? Explain the various types of viruses and how to prevent these viruses?
3. What are the managerial decisions? Explain the various types of managerial decisions. Which one is preferred in what situations?
4. “If a firm doesn’t want to use its own internal resources to build and operate information systems, it can hire an external organization that specializes in providing these services”. Explain the above statement with the help of advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.
5. What do you understand by the term data models? What are the various types of data models? Explain them in brief.
6. Write short notes on any three of the following:-
a. Operating System
b. Organisation and Information System-Two-way-relationship
c. Marketing Management Sub-System
d. Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
e. Operational database vs Data Warehouse.

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