MS05 Latest IGNOU Solved Assignment 2020

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MS05 Latest IGNOU Solved Assignment 2020 July Dec

1. “Operations Management is essentially a function concerning decision-making with respect to a production / operation system so as to render the necessary customer satisfaction at lowest cost.” Comment on the statement.
2. What do you understand by the term capacity? Explain the process for capacity planning.
3. “Work measurement is concerned with the determination of the amount of time required to perform a unit of work”. Explain the work measurement procedure and techniques in brief.
4. What is mass production? Explain its nature. Explain when one has to go for mass production.
5. Why is store accounting important for a firm? Discuss various systems that may be followed and their impact on product pricing.

MS05 Jan 2020 Solution

  1. “Operational level decisions deal with short-term planning and control problems.” Explain the various Operational (short-term) decisions in the light of the statement.
  2. “The continuous form of processing requires a great deal of effort while designing.” Explain the characteristics and advantages of the continuous flow processes.
  3. “Work sampling is a fact-finding tool.” Comment on the statement. Explain some uses of work sampling and work sampling procedure.
  4. Under what circumstances would you use PERT as opposed to CPM in project management? Give some example of projects where each would be more applicable than the other.
  5. “One of the powerful statistical techniques of quality control is Acceptance Sampling.” Explain the concept of acceptance sampling in view of the statement.
  6. What are the major purposes of product specification and what are the common methods of product specification?


Previous year Sample

Please note this sample of few para of each question

Q1. Why do you think is managing a high volume continuous operation easier than managing a high-variety intermittent operation?

Answer: It is generally agreed that mass production is justified only when production quantities arc large and product variety small. The ideal situation for mass production would be when large volumes of one product (without any changes in design) are to be produced continuously for an extended period of time. Thus the rate of consumption (or demand) of the product as compared to the rate of production decides whether continuous or batch production is called for.
Obviously if the rate of demand is greater than or equal to the production rate, mass or continuous production could be sustained. Mass production of high volume is easier to handle due to less down time, no frequent change in design. Power and fuel cost can be distributed over large volume of production.

Q2. “Work measurement is concerned with the determination of the amount of time required to perform a unit of work”. Explain the work measurement procedure. Also explain any two techniques of work measurement.

Answer: Work measurement is concerned with the determination of the amount of time required to perform a unit of work. The time required for this task is commonly referred to as the ‘standard’ or ‘allowed time’. Thus, work measurement provides a yardstick for human effort, which can help in efficient staffing, improved planning and control and sound incentive schemes.
Work measurement is thus a device for estimating more precisely the amount of time it should take or will take to perform the assigned work. Work measurement has negative and positive roles. Negatively, it locates the existence of ineffective time; positively it sets standard time for the performance of work. Since method study is a technique for reducing work content, therefore, it is necessary that method study should precede work measurement. In short, work measurement aims at investigating, reducing and subsequently eliminating ineffective time.