MS-08 IGNOU Solved Assignments 2018



IGNOU Solved Assignments 2018

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1. A sample survey of 100 families belonging to the middle income group revealed the following distribution according to their annual savings. Find a) average annual sayings, using the efficient method, b) 5th decile, and c) 90th percentile.

Savings (Rs ‘000) 05-09 09-13 13-17 17-21 21-25 25-30 30-35

Number of Families 07 10 15 23 25 14 06

2. It is known that the number of heavy trucks arriving at a railway station follows the Poisson distribution. If the average number of truck arrivals during a specified period of half an hour is 2, find the probabilities that during a given half an hour a) no heavy truck will arrive, b) at least two heavy trucks will arrive, c) at the most 3 heavy trucks will arrive, and d) between 1 and 3 heavy trucks will arrive.

3. A sample survey of tax-payers belonging to business class and professional class yielded the following results:

Business class Professional class

Sample size n1 = 400 n2 = 420

Defaulters in tax payment x1 = 80 x2 = 65

Test the hypothesis at ? = 0.01 level of significance that

a) defaulter rate is the same for the two classes of tax-payers, and

b) defaulter rate is higher in the business class than in the professional class by 0.03.

4. A set of paired data on X and Y has mean of X as 36, mean of Y as 85, standard deviation of X as 11, standard deviation of Y as 8, and coefficient of correlation between X and Y as 0.66. Obtain a) the two regression equations, and b) value of X when Y= 75.

5. Write short notes on any three of the following:

(a) Absolute value function

(b) Baye’s Theorem

(c) Multistage Sampling

(d) Delphi method of forecasting

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