MS-04 IGNOU Solved Assignments July 18



Accounting and Finance for Managers

IGNOU Solved Assignments July 18

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1. As a Finance Manager what are the kind of decisions that you have to make about your
company and its activities ? How do these decisions differ form those which investors, regulatory agencies and others make about your company? Is the same kind of information needed by You and the outsiders of the company? If so what is that information ? If not, what are the essential differences?

Q2. You are required to prepare the Statement of Sources and Application of Funds from the given Financial Statements of ABC Limited for the years 2016 & 2017. Also prepare the Statement showing in details the item-wise increase or decrease in the Net Working Capital
IGNOU Solved Assignments July 18
(i) On 31st December 2017 the accumulated depreciation on fixed assets was Rs. 1,80,000 and on 31st December 2016 Rs 1,60,000. Machinery costing Rs. 20,000 which was one-half depreciated was discarded and written off in 2017. Depreciation for the year 2017 amounted to Rs. 30,000
(ii) Investments costing Rs. 5,000 were sold during the year 2017 for Rs. 4,800 and Government Securities of the face value of Rs. 4,000 were purchased during the year for Rs. 3,750

Q3. The data related to Company X, Company Y and Company Z is as given below.
IGNOU Solved Assignments July 18
From the information given above you are required to calculate for each company :
(a) The budgeted profit.
(b) The budgeted break-even point in unit sales.
(c) The budgeted margin between break-even point and budgeted sales expressed as a percentage of total capacity.
(d) The impact on profits of a ± 10% deviation in budgeted sales.
Comment briefly on the effect of this in relation to the distribution between the companies’ fixed and variable expenses.

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