MS-02 IGNOU Solved Assignments July 18



Management of Human Resources

IGNOU Solved Assignments July 18

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Q1. Explain how Human resource development evolved from traditional personnel functions. Why Human Resources Department has an important part to play in providing the backbone for talent management.
Q2. How Critical Incident technique is different from functional job analysis? How Subcultures Relevance for Gender and Minority Issues influences organisational socialisation?
Q3. Discuss problems a manager may encounter while doing performance appraisal. Explain how Assessment centers and development centers help in evaluating individual’s managerial potential.
Q4. Explain in your own words how effective coaching and performance management can develop conducive organisational culture.
Q5. Explain Benefits under Social Security Legislation in India of various industrial Acts. Why Mediation is preferred over Litigation in the recent dispute resolution mechanism.

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