MS-01 IGNOU Solved Assignments – Jan17



MS-01 Management Functions and Behaviour

IGNOU Solved Assignments – Jan17

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1. Why are managers required to have / acquire different skills sets at various levels of their career? Explain the concept and its significance with suitable examples from the organisation you have served in, or you are familiar with.
2. State and explain the steps involved in MBO process. Also explain the pre-requisite for successful implementation of MBO quoting examples from the organisation you have worked in or you are aware of.
3. Briefly explain the sources of conflict and the impact it has on individuals, groups, and organisations. Cite examples from your organisational experience or the experience you are aware of.
4. What is control? What are the pre-requisite and characteristics of effective control system? Explain with the help of examples you have had in an organizational set up. Briefly describe the organisation you are referring to.


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