Marketing Research NMIMS Apr 19



Marketing Research NMIMS Apr 19

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Q1. Consider the following four research studies:
i) An opinion poll is conducted to understand who is likely to be the future PM of India in the upcoming elections in 2019. A sample of 10,000 people is uniformly split across six metro cities and all age and income groups
ii) A survey is conducted among the people on the streets in Delhi NCR to understand what do they think of the government initiatives against air pollution
iii) A survey needs to be conducted among the Principals of International schools on the scope of IB curriculum in India. Since a list of all Principals is unavailable, the researcher will start with any one Principal and ask him / her to refer to another Principal and the referral shall go on.
iv) The HRD Ministry is conducting a feedback survey among the students of various colleges of Delhi University. Instead of approaching few students from each of the colleges, it has been decided to take a sample of Class Representatives and Members of various clubs, committees and societies.
State the sampling method used in each of the above researches and support your answer with a justification.
Q2. Despite some of the leading Indian cities being on top of the charts of the World’s most polluted cities, ironically, Indians are still skeptical about the use of air purifiers for home use. More than half of the purchases are by institutional buyers such as hotels, large companies, government institutions etc. Despite many major cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata oining Delhi NCR in facing worsening air quality each year; air purifiers are still hyped up in India. Marketers such as Eureka Forbes, Kent RO Systems, HiCare Services, Philips and LG, are unable to decode the Indian consumer’s mindset and psyche behind this phenomenon.
To address this concern, the air purifier marketers want to conduct a consumer research to understand the consumer perception and psyche around the usage of air purifiers. State the research objective(s) and propose a detailed research design describing the sources of data, research method, target respondent, sample selection method, data collection method.
Q3. Brick and Mortar stores selling consumer electronics are staring at their worst possible Diwali in five years. Low footfalls are being accounted to the consumer expectations of huge discounts on online stores. Despite promotional schemes and discounts being offered by offline retailers, they have still failed to match the unprecedented price cuts and cashback offers on the likes of Amazon and Flipkart. Meeting the consumer’s needs and expectations seems to be a daunting task after all.
a. State the management problem(s) being faced by the offline retailers in consumer electronics and the corresponding research objectives that your research will aim to cover
b. Briefly describe the research methods that you would use towards this research

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