Marketing Management NMIMS Solution Dec 20

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Marketing Management NMIMS Solution Dec 20

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“Yuva” is a fitness band catering to Indian youth in lower price segment. There is a vast market who are health conscious and wants the latest tech in wearable device category. There are currently two fitness band that is being sold by the company.

Given below are their prices.
Yuva Basic Rupees 899/-
Yuva Pro Rupees 1199/-

The product quality is good given the price range. It has all fitness feature supported by a colourful design. It has a bigger display as compared to their competitors. The company has purposely kept the display bigger for the youth audience as they want the feel of a smart watch at the price of fitness band.

The company has a plan to sell only through online platform. The product is available on major ecommerce platform as well as on the company’s own website. It has just been 15 days that the product is launched but it doesn’t have any demand from consumers. There is no problem with the product but there are no promotions done by the company. You have been hired as a Marketing head of the brand Yuva.

1. Suggest various types of segmentation for the brand Yuva. (10 Marks)
2. How will you promote the brand Yuva online? Suggest minimum five online platforms through which you will promote the brand and increase the sale. (10 Marks)
3.a. Explain any five factors that will influence the consumer behavior for the purchase of Yuva Fitness Band. (5 Marks)
3.b. Explain various stages that a customer will go through in purchasing decision of Yuva fitness band. (5 Marks)

Sep20 mm question

Case: M/s Toys & Joys is a retail store chain selling different types of toys for kids less than 13 years of age. They have 100 stores across major cities in India. They sell the largest variety of toys at a discounted price this is because the company enjoys economies of scale on their purchase. The company is very well focused on quality products at low prices. All the retail stores are placed in busy markets and generate huge footfalls because of their strategic location and low cost pricing. The salesmen are dressed formally but their faces are colored like a clown and everyone wears a cone cap on their head. The customer enjoys shopping inside their store because the environment is very lively and happening for the kids. The kids have a play area so that the parents can do shopping carefree. The store has large number of loyal customers. M/s Toys and Joys don’t have any marketing team neither do they have any social media presence. The company wants to expand their operations and increase the no of stores to 500 in next three years’ time. The company wants to do things more systematically with a proper marketing team. They hire you as a Marketing head to handle their marketing activities.
Q1.The management has asked you to explain various types of segmentation for M/s Toys and Joys.
Q2.You came up with a new idea of manufacturing and selling stationary products in the store. The management has appreciated your idea and has asked to explain various steps that will be involved in the development of new products.
Q3. a. Explain various promotion mix techniques that you will use to promote M/s Toys and Joys.
Q3. b. How will you promote the brand M/s Toys and Joys online?

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Assignment Question

Mr. Amish has written a self-help book “Happy Happy” which can be read by people from all walks of life. The book revolves around a core idea of being happy in all stages of life. The publisher doesn’t have any distribution network of its own.
Mr. Amish delivers session in many management schools on the topic “Happiness”. He is very popular among students and corporate. He also delivers session as a key note speaker in many management conclaves and seminars.
Mr. Amish has no online and social media presence. He doesn’t write blogs or articles.
Mr. Amish is a good author but has no idea about marketing and distribution of books. He hires you as a Marketing consultant for overall marketing and distribution of books.

Q1. What are the distribution channels that you will use to distribute the product across Indian market? Explain the same with reason.
Q2. Suggest the Geographic, Demographic and behavioural segmentation for the book “Happy Happy”
Q3a. Explain five online social media platform through which you will promote the book.
Q3b. Explain the buyer decision making process for purchasing a self-help book.