Marketing Management NMIMS June 19



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1. Assume you plan to purchase a new car for personal use. This will be the first car that you will be purchasing. Discuss various steps of consumer buying process that will be involved in purchasing a car.

2. M/s Furnideas wishes to sell furniture in the Indian Market. The company is known for their innovative ideas in furniture. The company has a global presence in selling furniture. The company sells to High, Middle and Lower Income group in different countries based on the segmentation. Furnideas appoints you as a consultant to guide them on types of segmentation that they should use for their furniture.

3. M/s Furnideas (as given in question 2) wants to promote its brand and products to create awareness and increase the sale of its products

a. Explain various promotion mix tools that you will use for M/s Furnideas to create awareness about the brand and products.

b. Explain any three online marketing tools that you will use to increase the sale for M/s Furnideas.

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