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Solved Assignments April 19

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Case Study for NMIMS Assignment

“Swaad” is a regional brand for pickles and spices. The demand for the brand has been growing. The pickles are made by traditional practices. The company has hired only females to make good quality pickles. The pickles and spices are made using natural ingredients. The packaging is done in a traditional jar which can increase the shelf life of the product. The pricing of the product is higher than other existing competitor’s brand. The biggest marketing communication for them is Word of Mouth because of which “Swaad” is very popular in the regional market. The company understands that there is a huge potential for the brand to establish itself in the national market.
The company is planning to grow its business across the country and they hire you as a Marketing Manager. They want you to develop the business and advise them on various issues.

Case Assignment Question Solution

Q1: Study various elements of micro and macro environment for Indian Market and suggest whether the company should expand its business.

Q2: Explain various ways to promote the Brand “Swaad”.

Q3a): Explain the buyer decision making process for pickles.
Q3b): Suggest the psychographic and behavioural segmentation for the Brand “Swaad”

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