Management Theory and Practice-NMIMS Solution Dec 2020

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December NMIMS 2020

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Management Theory and Practice

Q1. ABC Ltd. has been going through a bad phase off late in their Business of Machine Spare Parts. The lockdown and the Covid 19 scenario has impacted them even more. Someone suggested them to use the 5 S technique in order to bring about a positive Change. Can you as a consultant guide them on the same as they are clueless about the same?
Q2. You are hired as an external consultant to analyze the culture of XYZ Ltd. Can you please explain that how will you analyze the same using Trompenaar’s 7 Dimensions of Culture?
Q3. A newly set up start-up company is confused about how to get their organizational structure correct and would want to take some guidance from you
a. Can you share some characteristics of an effective organizational structure (5 Marks)
b. Can you explain how will the 6 box model help the organization designing their structure

Sep20 nmims question

Q1. Your organization is launching a multi-vitamin capsule aimed at elderly women all over the world during covid-19 times. What forms of business communication tools would you select in order to successfully promote your newly launched product considering the pros & cons of each tool? Do come up with brand nomenclature and tagline too.
Q2.You have been appointed as an external consultant to M/s NorthStar & Co. It has been observed that employees are currently feeling worried about their job security and are planning to leave the organization during covid-19 due to extended lockdown. You are a small & medium enterprise & have a turnover of Rs.10 crores. What would you do to motivate & retain existing employees. Suggest at least 5 innovative approaches towards employee motivation.
Q3. a. You have decided to sell Air India to Vistara which is part of the Tata Group. Your employees are resisting this change proposed by you. Suggest at least 5 techniques to manage resistance to change.
Q3. b How will you initiate the change management process at Air India?

Previous June 20 Assignment

1. M/s Landmark Construction is facing severe issues between the Management & its union on salaries and other matters. Both the parties are extremely strong & are not willing to budge from their respective stands. As an external consultant, you have been advised to identify & verify all possible conflict resolution techniques. Enlist the advantages & disadvantages of each of these techniques & suggest the best possible conflict resolution technique to solve this standoff between the management & the union.

Q2. You have been appointed as an external consultant to M/s PoleStar & Co. It has been observed that employees are currently unsatisfied with the policies of the company & furthermore, a lot of employees have been leaving the organization. What would you do to motivate existing employees & to get hold of new talent from the marketplace. Suggest at least 5 innovative approaches towards employee motivation.

Q3a. Perform a SWOT analysis on IBM USA?
Q3b. Which type of Organizational structure does IBM follow (Functional, Divisional or Matrix?) & enlist the advantages & disadvantages of this form?

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