Management Theory and Practice NMIMS June 19



Management Theory and Practice

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NMIMS Assignment Question

Case Study M/s Chai ki pyaali

M/s Chai ki pyaali is a new startup serving hot tea to customers. The company has 30 different varieties of tea and it also sells food items that adds more revenue to the overall profit. The company has a unique cup design and the store layout and design is vintage. The company has opened 50 stores across India and has a plan to open 100 more stores in another two years. The expansion plan is in place and the execution needs to be monitored. The Chai ki pyaali head office is in Mumbai.

Mr. Shravan is the person who started the tapri (small road side sales booth) business and is now the owner of Chai ki pyaali chain. All the employees are very happy with Shravan and his managing skills. Before taking any decision he consults all his managers. He shares his ideas with them and also loves to hear their ideas too. He is always keen on learning new modern management principles and practices.

Mr. Shravan hires you as a Business Manager so that the modern day management practices can be implemented properly.

1. How will you implement 5S in Chai ki Pyaali stores across India which will improve the overall efficiency of the organisation?

2. Explain various social responsibilities that this business will have towards interest groups?

3. Based on the case given:

a. Identify any five Henry Fayol principles that can be implemented in the Chai ki Pyaali business.

b. Explain any three types of leadership styles and identify the leadership style adopted by Mr. Shravan.

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