Management Theory and Practice NMIMS Apr 19



Management Theory and Practice NMIMS Apr 19

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Case: M/s TrackUs Courier is a well-established courier company in India. The company has been doing exceptionally well after the emergence of online business. Small and Mid-Sized organisation prefer TrackUs as their services are available at lower cost. The company follows traditional practices for all its operation. There are no computerised system to track the packages, billing, petty cash, financial statements, etc. Every process has to go through multiple steps to implement a single decision. The company has rigid manual processes for completing any work.
The company was able to handle limited customers with the traditional processes but with the ever increasing customer base there is need to redesign the system. The company needs to get the best infrastructure and information system which can handle the large customer base. The directors feel there is no need to spend on the IT systems. Also, the employees might feel insecure with the new technology and systems. The directors are not sure whether they will be able to handle the new technology. They have made a note of all the concerns and now they have hired you as a consultant to advise them on various matters.
1. Suggest TrackUs Courier any seven Henry Fayols principle with reasons so that the same can applied in the organisation to improve the effectiveness.
2. Advise the company any five latest technology that can be implemented in the organisation to improve the overall process.
3. a) What are the various resistance that an employee can show during the change process in TrackUs Courier?
3. b) Advise the directors with detail explanation any two leadership styles that would be feasible for TrackUs courier.


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