LS0645: Case Study Google.Com-TheWorld’s Number One Internet Search Engine


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Question: Case Study Google.Com-TheWorld’s Number One Internet Search Engine

Question 1: In what ways were the services offered by Google different from those offered by other search engines? Discuss with specific reference to technology, corporate client servicing and customer friendliness.

Question 2: Most dotcom companies relied heavily on online advertisements as the primary source of revenue, and many also spent a lot of money on advertising their brands. However, Google did not do so – and was still rated as the world’s most preferred search engine.
Critically discuss Google’s business model in the light of the above. Was Google’s decision not to use conventional advertising a wise one or not?

Question 3: “Over the last three years, Google has stolen 40% of the search market directly at the expense of AOL, MSN, and Yahoo.” Do you think Google leadership position is going to become a threat to the company’s future growth and survival? What measures should the company take in order to sustain its position as the leading Internet search services provider in the future?

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