LS0454: With reference to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, decide the following giving reasons in support of your answer


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Question: With reference to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, decide the following giving reasons in support of your answer.

i. Sukh Dukh Ltd. Dispatched certain consignments of goods by road through Fastrack Roadways Ltd. The goods were unloaded and stored in a godown enroute on the suggestion of consignee. A fire broke out in the neighbouring godown spread to the godown and goods were destroyed. The Fastrack Roadways Ltd. Claimed that there was neither negligence nor deficiency in service on their part and goods were being carried at “Owner risk” and since no special premium was paid, they were not responsible for the loss caused by fire. Whether Fastrack Roadways Ltd. is liable to pay damages to consignor?

ii. Life Insurance Corporation
(LIC) formulated a scheme called ‘salary saving scheme’ under which employed of an organisation could buy an insurance policy. Premium due on each policy was collected by the employer from the salary of the employees or did it issue any premium notice. When the widow of the deceased employee made a claim to LIC on the death of her husband, the LIC repudiated the claim on the ground that four instalments of premium had not been paid. The widow was approached the consumer forum for redressal. Is the LIC liable for deficiency in service? Explain.

iii. Raman booked a ticket from Delhi to New York by Lufthansa Airlines. The airport authorities in New Delhi did not find any fault in his visa and other documents. However, at Frankfurt airport authorities instituted proceedings of verification because of which Rama missed his flight to New York. After necessary verification, Raman was able to reach New York by the next flight. The airline authorities’ tendered apology to Raman for the inconvenience caused to him and also paid as goodwill gesture a sum of Rs 5,000. Raman intends to institute proceedings under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 against Lufthansa Airlines for deficiency in service. Will he succeed?

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