IT Project Management NMIMS Assignment Solution

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IT Project Management

NMIMS Assignment Solution 2020

1. Acme Agarbatti Pvt Ltd manufactures and sells incense sticks under the brand name ‘Sugandhi Suman’. It has got 19 plants across western India. It is contemplating the implementation of an open source ERP called ERPNext. You are invited to advise the company on risk management for this project. As a first task, you will need to prepare a list of project risks. Please prepare the one with at least 12 relevant risks possible in this project.

Q2. A software services company having a staff of 159 developers, 37 testers, 25 business analysts, 88 support engineers, and 17 project managers is looking for deployment of SEI CMMI model. You are invited to explain five levels of CMMI model to the entire staff in a town hall meeting. How will you explain CMMI model in the context of this company.

Q3. “It seems everyone finds me available and dumps work on me. It is so frustrating! I never knew being a project manager would mean so much of work and stress!” Rajashri Gokhale was really stressed out at the cafeteria where she had met her friend from other department for a cup of coffee. “Relax, you may find it stressful but you have earned this promotion with your hard work. Now you have to work harder to grow further.” Her friend, Keshav Kumar tried to cheer up.

“I am not sure whether whatever comes to me is what I am supposed to look into. For example, today morning, Rajan asked me to provide the projected cash flow for my project. And yesterday late evening, I had to resolve the issue in my team which popped up because two of my team members had a breakup!” Rajashri had just started to tell her ordeal.
a. Is Rajashri responsible for preparing projected cash flow? Why or why not? (5 Marks)
b. Should Rajashri resolve personal problems of team members? (5 Marks)