IT Infrastructure Management NMIMS Assignment

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IT Infrastructure Management NMIMS Assignment

June 2020 Solution for NMIMS

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Q1. Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other big organizations have large data centers which contain many server farms. Discuss the applications of server farms in various fields of your choice.

Q2. In today’s context of large data processing needs, programming techniques require efficient and persistent data storage options. State the benefits and explain the applications of Amazon’s data storage solution for cloud computing.

Q3. You are the IT Project Director at Specter Global Technologies. Your role is to mentor the project managers that report into you and guide them on major implementation projects to ensure a smooth go-live and client satisfaction. One of the project managers has informed you that they need to implement server virtualization.

  1. What steps will you suggest for server virtualization implementation to the project manager? (5 Marks)
  2. To escape any privacy or security concern between servers, which categories can be we classify server roles into?


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