Investment Security And Portfolio Management AU 2020


MBA Solved Assignments 2020

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  1. As an investment advisor what feature would you suggest being included in the investment bunch of a client? And also suggest where an investor should be careful. Consider the above statements and keep the present situation in mind Give your suggestions.
  2. The technical analyst places a great deal of importance on supply and demand in stock pricing. Presumably the fundamental analyst also believes that supply and demand are important. In what ways do the two groups disagree on the subject?
  3. “The concept of a random walk in stock prices is bizarre and implies totally irrational behaviour by the investing public. Nothing could be further from the truth than random walk. Prices are related to fundamental economic worth is misleading.” – Comment.
  4. Comment on the following statement “since Markowitz portfolio theory requires so many assumptions, the notion that investors should be concerned with the risk of the overall portfolio rather than the risk of the individual securities is misleading”.

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