International Marketing NMIMS 2020 Sept

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International Marketing

Sept 2020 NMIMS Solution


1. The concept of Management Orientations in International Marketing can be very confusing. As a consultant for International Marketing, can you please guide and explain the orientations to a consortium of companies?
2. Pasta Mania, a Singapore based fast food chain plans to enter India by end of 2021. They have hired your company as the Local consultants to understand India better. Can you guide them on the cultural and social factors that they need to take care of in order to succeed in the Indian market?
3. These times of crisis have brought about a lot of innovation in the world. Most innovations have been in the context of doing things or running services without Human Touch so as to maintain Social Distancing to prevent the COVID virus from spreading.
a. As a representative of the marketing department of your company, you would want your team to understand the adoption process of Innovations in detail before pushing one in the market. Can you explain the same to them with examples?
b. Can you also explain the various adopter categories to them with examples?