International Logistics and Supply Chain Management-NMIMS Assignments


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NMIMS Assignments

Q1. “Procurement is the most challenging part of the entire logistics and supply chain management” – Do you agree/disagree with the statement? Support your view point with two examples. (10 marks)

Q2. Supply Chain Management differs from company to company. Explain your company’s supply chain management and what challenges you face in your day-to-day business? Support your answer with some examples. (10 marks)

Q3.a) Logistics risks can be minimized and covered with appropriate Insurance Coverage. What are the major areas you would cover in an Insurance policy, if you are using all types of logistics like Road/Rail/ Ship and Air for your export consignments? (5 Marks)

Q3. b) “Insurance is a necessary evil, which one has to pay for Logistic activities” – Critically analyze the statement in your own words with suitable examples. (5 Marks)