International Logistics and Supply Chain Management-NMIMS Solution



December 2017

NMIMS Solution

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Q1. Suggest the taxonomy for a three-dimensional classification for global supply chain. Identify the issues that affect the operations and strategy of a global logistics firm say DHL or TNT and recommend ways to handle such issues. (10 Marks)


Q2. As a General Manager – Supply Chain Management of a leading domestic garment manufacturing firm, you have proposed the option of exploring international procurement for the first ever time for your company. Suggest the various components of your proposal. (10 Marks)


Q3. Based on your recommendation, the Board of the garment company has decided to go ahead and place trial order with an international supplier whom you have recommended.

  1. Enlist the constituents of the import / export sales contract (5 Marks)
  2. Suggest a warehousing management plan (5 Marks)

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