International Human Resource Management AU 2020


InternationalHRM AU 2020 Assignment Solution

  1. Assume yourself as a managing director of a multinational corporation; what are the measuring tools you will utilize to evaluate the impacts of inter country differences on HRM? Justify your views with appropriate examples.
  2. Place yourself in the position of being the head of HR department, how might formally written job description help you to manage your work unit? What would happen if your company decided not to use any job description at all?
  3. What steps do you propose to take in case of a lay off caused by
    (a) Seasonal fluctuations in demand
    (b) Corporate restructuring
    (c) Breakdown of machinery and equipment.
  4. Give some examples of situation in which you wanted to do a great job but were prevented from doing so. What was the impact on you, and what would this suggest to you in your efforts to motivate other people to perform

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