International HR Practices NMIMS 2020 June

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International HR Practices NMIMS 2020 June

Q1. CANDID Systems Ltd is a leading Indian IT company based in Mumbai. The company has expanded to Africa in 2018 and now company is reviewing its HR Practices in Africa. You, as an HR Manager, are asked to look into the issue of ethics and responsibilities that employees of CANDID may face in Africa. Highlight some of the ethical dilemmas that employees may face.

Q2. AUTOZONE Pvt Ltd is a two wheeler manufacturing company in India. It is planning to expand to Indonesia to capture its emerging market. As a manufacturing organization, there could be a problem related to employee relations. In order to face this problem better, the company has asked you to identify the key issues in international employee relations. You are an HR Manager of AUTOZONE Pvt Ltd. Identify the key issues.

Q3. EFFIX LTD is a leading FMCG company in India and it is planning to expand its operations in South America. For this company has set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Brazil. A team of 50 employees is formed to take up this new project in Brazil in this background, answer the following:

a. What will be the components of pre-departure training program?
b. On which job related factors training would be required?


International HR Practices

  1. FARMEP Is a medium sized farm equipment manufacturing company based in Mumbai. Now the company is planning an international expansion and for this it has decided to start a plant in Vietnam. Since the company does not have any international experience, you are hired as an expert to guide them in International HR. Identify the IHRM Practices for FARMEP.
  2. VINTECH Ltd is a leading IT firm in India. The company has recently started its operations in South Africa. The company is planning to send 50 more expatriates to South Africa. Explain what could be the expatriate selection criteria in this case?
  3. KAMLEYS is a leading Indian toy manufacturer. The company is planning international expansion. It is planning to set up plants in Asia and Africa. Company is in the process of drafting a compensation plan of the employees in Asia. In this context, answer the following:
    a. Which factors will directly affect the compensation plan?
    b. What will be the key components of compensation plan?