International Business NMIMS April 19



International Business NMIMS April 19

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Q1. Aditya runs a successful Business in India. His dream is to make his company’s presence globally. After sorting the financial needs through the bank, Aditya is now confused as how he can move in regard to international payment. Advise Aditya to understand the various instruments of Payments which are available in the international business.
2. Market Research plays a very vital role in the success of any organisation. Being a market manager, highlight the various advantages of having a sound market Research Department in an organisation.
3. XYZ is an international Consulting firm with its presence worldwide. It assists exporting companies in regard to documentation required in their process of internationalization.
a. Mr. Sharma approached the Consulting Firm, inquiring about the broad classification of export import documents which will be required by him in carrying his business. Advise Mr. Sharma on the same.
b. Additionally, guide him on the Performa Invoice, Purchase order and letter of Credit forms which he needs to fill up while entering into an export contract.

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