Integrated Marketing Communications-NMIMS Solution June 2020

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Integrated Marketing Communications

NMIMS Solution-June 17

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Q1. You are a baker and have set up your own Bakery. You have the resources and enough space to fulfill orders in New Mumbai. Describe how would you promote your brand to maximize the no. of orders per day?
Q2. You are the brand manager of a hygiene soap which protects you from germs. You have launched a campaign to build awareness on the importance of washing hands. For this the brand has tied up with an NGO to create awareness across the country especially in smaller towns. How will you leverage this association to build positive equity for your brand?
Q3. Case Study
ICICI ropes in Shahrukh khan as their Global Brand Ambassador
You are Brand Manager at ICICI – Retail Banking and have tied up with Shahrukh Khan as the Brand ambassador.
a. Think of an interesting active integration of ICICI in the next Shahrukh film.
b. How would you leverage Shahrukh to promote your brand?